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Sunday, May 21, 2017

2020 में क्या होने वाला है? Future Technology Predictions | What will happen in 2020 | What is NEXT?

Future Technology Predictions : Future 2020 : Technology is growing very fast, things which are seems impossible becomes our present i.e., Black & White TV to HD LED TV, Wire Telephone (Landline) to Smart Phones, Bicycle to Airplane and Jyotish (Astrology) to Satellite. It is a very long and interesting journey. Now the question is what is NEXT? We are going to discuss the same here.
In this we will talk about following 2020 technology :

1. Machine Learning
2. Intelligent Things
3. Intelligent Apps
4. Conversational System
5. Everything on Demand

Watch this video to knowing the details of above points.
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In my next video I'll let you know about 2020 gadgets which are coming to you very soon. So, keep watching my videos.

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