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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Facebook shortcut keys! Use Facebook faster than ever, Facebook Latest Tips & Tricks 100% working!!

Hello Friends,
Facebook is most popular than ever.. we all use it daily...
But do you know that facebook also have their own shortcut keys to use facebook faster...
Today I m gonna show you shortcut keys so that you can use it faster than ever... And let people think how you did that...
So, let's begin..

Friends, as we all use different browsers, so it will work on different browsers with the different keys...

So first look on below shortcut keys and than after I'll let you know what # means...

1. Chrome for PC: Alt + #
2. Chrome for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #
3. Internet Explorer for PC: Alt + #, then Enter
4. Firefox for PC: Shift + Alt + #
5. Safari for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #
6. Firefox for Mac: Ctrl + Opt + #

So friends now you have to use # as numbers...
means it will start from 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0...

Each numbers let you go on different pages, like timeline, like, massage, help and other sections.. so let's see each numbers...
I am using chrome so I'll use Alt + #...

Watch this video to know the shortcut keys :


So, friends, these are the shortcut keys that will make you faster in using facebook... you can show your friends that you are not clicking by your mouse but you know very well the shortcuts...

If you want to know how to download facebook videos please visit my this video -

Thanks for watching friends...
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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Truth Behind RJIO Free plan extension till Jun 2017

Friends, Jio is known to every one, It was free till 31-Dec-16 as Welcome offer...
Then after it is free till 31-Mar-17 as a New Year Offer...
What is Next???
Will it be chargeable or FREE???
I know Most of the people have this question...

You must be also listen that it'll be FREE till Jun'17 !!!!

If it is free then... Hurreyhhhhh!!!!

So, friends, let's find out is it free after 31-Mar-17 or it will be payable...


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Download Facebook videos!! Easy Trick !! No Software Required !! 2017

Most of the time we watch videos on Facebook and if we liked it than we want it to download and share it with our friends and family. But due to facebook's policy we are not able to download the same. We can save that video on facebook but can't able to download.

In this tutorial friends, I am gonna tell you the simple trick to download facebook video to your offline and share that video with your friends and family offline at any time, any where...
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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How to Create Multiple Youtube Channels with One Account, to Multiply Your Income

Creating multiple Youtube channels multiply your income, as more videos gives you more views and views from all the channels counts.

In this video I'll let you know how you can create multiple youtube channels and earn more money from your multiple channels, means you can multiply your income. So, let's start to make more money..

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Watch this video to know how to create multiple youtube channels :

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

How to change nameserver for hosting in your domain panel

Hello Friends,
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In my last to last tutorial I've told you how to get free web hosting for your domain... 

How to get free web hosting for your domains and save money -
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In this tutorial I am gonna tell you how to change your nameserver in your domain panel to use your free hosting.. So just follow the below simple tricks...

1. Open your domian providers site & in different tabs
2. Just sign-in in both sites in your account
3. Now you can see my login panel
4. You can see there are showing domain and the Manage button just click on Manage button
5. and in freehosting Login to your cPanel
6. Against your domain name click on the arrow button click on Manage domain
7. In blue highlighted tab you can see See How and click on that
8. After clicking See how you can see this page and you can also see Nameservers
9. Now change your existing namserver with freehostings nameserver
I am mentioning freehosting namserver here
10. In custom nameserver, enter above nameservers and then click save
11. check your mail and if you get and link then click that link to confirm 
else if your din't get any mail just leave it.
It will change automatically...

Thanks for watching friends We are done with above steps...
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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Free Custom & Professional mails for your domain

Welcome Back Friends...
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I know you are finding this video for long as I m gonna tell you about how to get free mails for your registered domain..
example - if you have a domain name like or else..
you need your mails with the your domain name for looking more professional.. i.e.,

So, friends I m gonna tell you the secret of getting free mails for your domain...

Follow these steps -

1. In your browser type
2. Click on sign up for free
3. Type your mail Id and make new password
4. Click on mail
5. Enter your OTP and then click continue
6. Choose the Lite for free mails
7. If you have your own domain just click on 'Sign up with a domain I already own'
else you can buy a new domain from here
9. So, just enter your own domain name
10. Now you have to verify that you are the owner of entered domain
11. You can verify your domain at the same time or you can verify it later
12. For verifying your domain you have to change your domain nameserver on your domain provider...

So friends by following above steps you can get free mails for your domain...

In my next video I'll show you how to setup your domains nameserver for using your domain mail... :)

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Bye... will meet soon with my next video... :)