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Sunday, January 29, 2017

How to upload your website on server using filezila

In this tutorial I m gonna tell you about how to upload your website on server using filezila
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So let's start with how to upload your website on server using filezila.

Follow below steps;

1. Firstly install filezila from
2. After installing filezila just open that
3. Click on file and then site manager
4. If you are using free hosting write host name as or check your own host name as per your hosting provider 
5. Leave the port blank
6. In protocol : select - ftp
7. In Encryption : select - use explicit FTP over TLS if available
8. Now on user name choose your username as you have chosen in web hosting and same way your password
9. Now click on connect
10. You can see there are showing some status here
the first dialog box which open click ok
11. After that you can see the status is success
12. Local site is your own window and Remote site is your server
13. Now on Remote site open Public_html
14. One thing that you must have to understand that always your index.php file is not to be added any folder it should be open
15. You can upload all files that you have related to your website. You can drag your files from local site to remote site.

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