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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Gratitude - The Best Attitude...

"A moment of Gratitude makes a difference in your Attitude..." - Bruce Wilkinson.
The topic I've chosen to write today is as broad as the universe, but I'll try to write some points to let us know what gratitude is and for what we have to grateful for.
Gratitude means being thankful. Thankful for what we have, what we are, whatever we are in past and what we'll become in future. In a broad way there are three ways or we can say three forms for which we have to be grateful in each and every day :

1. Self Gratitude :

The most challenging thing in our life is to accept what we are. We always believe what others says about us, and do what others told us to do. We live in the illusion of a tradition which is being followed by us since beginning. But the real thing is to believe in self, accepting what we are despite of what others says us. We are neither good nor bad, neither beautiful nor ugly, neither rich nor poor, neither brave nor coward. We are what we believe we are, and accepting this is the true gratitude to self.

2. Gratitude to Others : 

Everyday there are lots of things are getting ready by others for us, in our home, in the city, at our office, at our workplace by someone we like, someone we don't; someone we know, someone we don't; someone we see, someone we don't. We might never think about them or maybe we did, but if we start giving thanks to them will change our life, will change or Attitude towards life. So, start giving thanks to others who made our life so easy, and places to live better.

3. Gratitude to God :

'Prayer' almost everyday, each of us do. But most of the time we pray the same way, everyday; we repeat the same 'prayer' again and again. I am not telling that repeating the same thing is wrong but there are a different way we can be 'grateful to 'God'. We can write (or say) 2 to 5 things daily for which we are grateful for (i.e., 'I am grateful for' this morning, this place, the job we do, the pen we have, the food we eat, the way we live, the friends and family we have etc. etc.). By doing this we feel that we have enough to be grateful about and this will give us a lot of happiness and completeness in our life.

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