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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Five Simple Things to do in This New Year

Every New Year we take some resolutions; sometimes we try hard to accomplish that and sometimes we let it go. But in all this, we forget to live life fully. We are sharing here some simple things to do in this New Year and you don't have to make any difficult resolutions. Try to do these simple things and make your life beautiful.

1. Eat Healthy & Stay Fit : 
'Health is wealth' and being healthy is not a difficult task, you just need to do some simple things, like eating fresh-n-healthy vegetables and fruits, organic foods or supplements, do Yoga or exercise daily and think positive. All these simple things keeps you healthy and Fit.

2. Spend your time with Friends and Family :
We are social but 'online' :P. It's good we are social and connected worldwide as it was said in our Hindu Mythology "वसुधैव कुटुंबकम" but it doesn't mean that we forget our near and dear friends and family. Other than spending more time on Mobile/ Tab or social media we must have to meet our friends on our 'Addas' and spend more time with our family.

3. Invest in People :
Precious gift given by God is ‘Time’ and investing it wisely is our duty; and a best way of investing it to invest in People. Yes! Investing time in people is the best way to make best out of it. All the things of this world are moving because of people whether it is any business or relationship. So... Invest in People.

4. Travel New Places :

Travelling new places are always good. As we all know changes are always good, and changing our atmosphere is good for our body and soul. So make a plan and visit new places whenever you get time from your busy schedule.

5. Be Child Once again :
What we miss a lot now a days; Yes! You are absolutely right, we miss our childhood a most. So, be child once again, smile often, listen to your heart, do whatever you want to do, play with children. Make ‘Child-like’ faith but don't be ‘Childish’. (We will post soon what is the difference between ‘Child-like’ and ‘Childish’?)

All these activities will make you happy and give you a hope to live life happily. It is not sadness or clumsiness all over in life, there are lots of happiness, joy, hope and prosperity everywhere; come and join us, we all will make this world happier and healthier place to live. J

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