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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Clock Anti-Clock... A Science Fiction Film...

Clock Anti-Clock... A Science Fiction Film...

This 6.5 minutes of film will change your perception about time...If you did not watch this then you missed reversing time of your life... 

About the film - 
Our lives, knowingly or unknowingly, sometimes get stuck in some time-frame because of some object, incident or desire. We cannot come out from that loop without identifying the reason. So happened with protagonist. 
A 6 minute short science fiction on time travel.

'Best Spot film' and 'Best Direction Award' at "Chaya-13".

About the Actor :
'Rohit Kapoor'  as an actor, he has worked on many theatre plays including Mahesh Bhatt's 'Trail of Errors'.

About the Director :
'Deepak Sharma' is a theatre artist, film-maker who started his artistic journey in 2009 in Bangalore after completing Engineering from NIT Calicut. He has since then extensively worked on 'improvisational theatre' and taking theatre to underprivileged and differently baled people with developing new and new styles of theatre. He has also constantly working on documentaries and films; some of his projects like 'Clock Anti-clock', experiments with time with making time another dimension,has won Best spot film and Best Direction award and were part of prestigious film festivals like 'National Science film festival' and 'IDSFK' in 2013. His upcoming projects like 'Sileneced' highlights issue of Jammu-Kashmir’s conflict with a silent documentation of an artist and also crafts a unique story-telling in documentary. Another untitled science fiction project roams around current relationship complications of India, technology and lives. To keep his passion alive, Deepak is working in corporate world and his rich experience of business management, people skills adds-on to the film-making business.

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