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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Welcome Note!!!

Hi Writers/ Bloggers,

We are a group of writers who establish this blog for all those writers who want to start their writing from zero. WriterStorm is for those who want to make some creative stuffs and want to share their knowledge/ thoughts.

We are a group of writers who will give you support to publish your stuff and promote them to reach maximum number of people who love to read and write. We want to learn from you and want to give you an experience to strengthen your writing/ sketch/ photography talent. We want to give you a plate-farm from where you can reach to the people who will appreciate your work and recognise you as a writer/ sketcher/ photographer.

Yes, we are also open for sketcher and photographer too, as we are for writers. We all are artists and to promote all of us we have to work together. We all can promote stuffs of each others so that we all can fulfil our dreams.

Absolutely!!! If you are seeing this blog, it means you are at the right place to start with.
Let's Join Together!!!

For Joining as a Author, mail your "Gmail ID" to

Welcome to WriterStorm!!!


Team WriterStorm

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